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Philosophy & Approach

I believe that the universe is abundant and that all we desire is accessible to us. Many of us face challenges in reaching our goals, and feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, and stuck all at the same time. (Can I please just be an appropriate amount of whelmed??) 


A lot of wellness advocates will try to encourage you and even teach you to manifest your dreams. I would love to teach you that as well. But before we can begin to manifest, we first need to identify and remove our limiting beliefs. Otherwise you will continue to self-sabotage, procrastinate, or battle with the inner critic and self-doubt.

I take a holistic approach to mental, physical and emotional health. My approach focuses on the whole being as an ecosystem that requires balance, as opposed to  working on one part of the self individually. Because how we do one thing is how we do everything.


I empower my clients to make the connection between their beliefs, their goals and lifestyle choices, and use their intuition to find alignment and deepen these connections.


Common areas we work on include:

  • Reclaiming personal power and self worth

  • Finding alignment to manage stress, burnout and overwhelm

  • Identifying and managing difficult emotions and triggers

  • Repositioning life challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Connection to physical body/ body image & confidence

  • Feelings around life purpose and fulfillment

  • Relationships and social support

  • Identifying and decreasing subconscious saboteurs

Tools & Methods

  • Mindset coaching tools such as the Model: understand how your thoughts and beliefs create your results work

  • Psychological concepts such as Shadow Work: integrating parts of self for holistic healing

  • Somatic (body-based) Practices such as yoga, EFT, and breath work for nervous system regulation

  • Attachment theory and Inner Child work for building self-awareness, specifically in how we relate to others and our environment.


Education & Training

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,
    Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Life Coaching Certification, Impact Coaching Academy

  • 200 HR RYT, Fly Yoga School, Martha's Vineyard​

  • 50 HR Yin/Nidra Training, Yoga San Kalpa, Martha's Vineyard​

  • Master's Degree, Environmental Education,
    Arcadia University, Glenside PA​

  • PQ (Positive Intelligence) practitioner 

I have trained with many teachers, studied a variety of theories and modalities, and practiced a variety of coaching methods.

In addition to the certifications listed, I have also studied and practice meditation, Ayurveda, astrology, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, shamanism, feminine rewilding, conscious relationships, tantra, and more. 

Ultimately, what I have learned is that each individual holds the key to their own healing, along with the potential to achieve their highest dreams and life goals.

I simply serve as a facilitator to help my clients come to a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to nurture their own self expression and manifest their desires.

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