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Join me monthly as we gather in sacred ceremony to honor the Feminine aspects of cyclicality, darkness, and contraction. Just as we honor the full (Masculine) moon, so too should we honor the new (Feminine) moon. 

Learn about lunar and feminine cycles, healing our shadows, ancient lore and tradition, body wisdom, the sacred arts of worship and so much more.

Each month includes intuitive astrology readings, guided meditations and opportunities for sharing and connecting. 
A replay will be sent out to those who can't join live.

January 11, February9, March 10

January 2024

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As women, we are spending too much time in an unhealthy expression of our masculine - planning, controlling, forcing, and pushing. 

In this free 60 min practice, we'll explore the balance between effort and ease, and guide you into a state of your relaxed, open, receiving Feminine.

Discussion of energetics, somatic & breathwork practice.

*Past event. click below to get instant access to the replay.

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Your birth chart holds the keys to your greatest unfolding - your dharma, your gifts, and what your soul is here to do.

In this 2-day astrology workshop, you'll learn how to read these significant elements in your chart:
* The mission you are here to complete
* Your greatest opportunity for healing and expansion.
* The Archetype you came to embody
* The key to finding FLOW and harmony

Includes Private FB group for personal chart readings. 

Free until February 1st. 


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Every woman carries within her subconscious the deep, hidden fears of the Feminine.

Healing these wounds is the key to stepping fully into your Sovereignty - your self-governance
as a fully embodied Queen. 

Learn how to identify these fears, where they are holding you back in life, and how you can release them to unlock your true Feminine power.

February 15 & 16th on Zoom
A replay will be sent out to those who can't join live.

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