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Welcome Mothers, Sisters, Keepers of the Magic,
Bringers of Change...

You are here because deep down, you know that you are the one.


The cycle-breaker.

The change-maker.

You are here to rewrite the story of what it means to be a woman, and to create a new world paradigm. 


I bow to you. 

You are here because you listened to the Divine invitation. 

To the whisper within. 

You are here to accept your soul assignment, however unclear that may be

Take a moment to breath in this message, and to claim it as your truth. 

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My gift to you...

To release external patterns of self-abandonment and martyrdom, we must heal the inner wounds around self-worth and belonging. 

As a GHH participant, I would love to invite you to a free 60-minute abandonment healing session. (Via Zoom)


I will guide you into the subconscious and support you as you meet and heal your abandonment wound.


Through this process you will learn how to create safety to take up space, to prioritize yourself, and to open yourself to love. 

 Click below to schedule your session. (May work better on desktop.)

Free abandonment healing session

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