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If you're ready to uncover your limiting beliefs and break the patterns of self-sabotaging - this Masterclass is for you!


What will I learn in the Masterclass?
My goal is to help you build awareness of your thoughts/patterns/emotional blocks/self concept. This allows us to see where we are deficient in tools/resources, and identify areas we need to develop.


Benefits of this work:
* We don't get stuck in confusion/ lack of motivation
* More confidence (taking action)
* More self-reliance (not seeking outside our selves for answers, guidance, validation & approval)
* Dismantle limiting beliefs / heal inherited trauma
* Become more efficient in identifying & meeting our needs
* Improve relationships, deepen connection with bodies, purpose, others, god

How is the course structured?

You’ll get access to the FULL course.

There are 5 modules:

- the first 4 dive into understanding & uncovering your limitations

- the 5th one offers the tools to help interrupt these patterns and step into more freedom and confidence
This work shifts us from unconscious to conscious thought, intentionally disrupting our automatic habits in thoughts/feelings/responses.

What is the time commitment?

Plan for about an hour for each module - enough time to watch the video, read the lesson summary and do the worksheet. My suggestion is to do one module per day for 5 days.

What kind of community support is available?

Join the private Facebook community for additional support and replays of guided practices. I'll also be offering conversation starters and check-ins for accountability and community support.

How long will I have access?



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